Our management team consists of vastly experienced, enthusiastic and highly skilled individuals that lead by example and foster the company values, creating a strong and tight knit culture.

Building trust and providing unparalleled customer service is of paramount importance, and is maintained throughout the entire team’s philosophy.



Prof. Ir. Roy H.M. Sembel MBA, Ph.D

Presiden Commisioner


Roy Sembel, he is professor in Financial Economics at IPMI International Business School, with 30 years of teaching and has experience in several universities in Indonesia (UKI, PPM, Ciputra University, UI, IPB, ITB, UGM, Unpad, Unila, etc) and abroad (Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, USA).

He studied at University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D in Business), Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia (MBA in Finance/Banking), IPB Bogor (Statistics).

Previously he worked at multinational companies (McKinsey & Company, ABN AMRO Bank) and local companies/universities (Bank Niaga, Bina Nusantara University/Binus, Pelita Harapan University/UPH, Multimedia Nusantara University/UMN). Balanced work as academician, businessman (professional and entrepreneur), and investor (financial market products, business ventures, and property/real estate).

He is also a writer which had already published more than 30 books, more than 1000 articles in business media. He is also a trainer and consultant at more than 100 companies (local and multinational, private and state-owned) and organizations (government institution / regulator, not-for-profit, etc) in the field of Finance, Investment, Economics, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity, Risk Management, Business Writing & Presentation Skills, Performance Management, etc.

Roy Sembel was born in Jakarta on July 10th 1964, married with 4 children.


Capt.Dedi Hudayana, MMar



Dedi Hudayana, graduated from the Academy of Marine Science (AIP/PLAP) in 1988 and continued his study until he obtained the Certificate of Master Marine Ocean Going (ANT-1). He attended some courses such as the LNG Ship Training by Lloyd’s Register Asia, General Safety & Quality by DNV.

He joined the Company in 1994 as Container & Agency Officer and then promoted to Operation Charter and Agency Supervisor, Operation Charter and Agency Manager, Fleet Marine Manager, Marine Crewing & Training Manager, Head Agency & Container Division in 2007 – March 2009. Then he was moved to PT HTC to be Senior Marketing Manager of PT HTC in March – June 2009 and since August 2009 up to the present, he has been as Director of PT HTC. He has also been as Commissioner of PT MCS Internasional since July 2013 up to the present.



Capt. Johan Novitrian, MMar.

Managing Director


Johan Novitrian, graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran (Merchant Marine Higher Education) in 1997 and obtained license of Master Marine in 2008 from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran. He commenced his career as a seafarer at Pacific Carrier Ltd., Singapore in 1997 and then joined Mitsui OSK Lines LNG Transport’s vessels in 2003.

He had been a seafarer for 12 years. After having had experiences as seafarer, he has taken onshore duties as Assistant Manager to Crewing Management Services at PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. Then, he was promoted to Manager, Sr. Manager, General Manager up to 2012. On 1 July 2012, he has been promoted as Managing Director at PT MCS Internasional, the business unit of PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. Johan Novitrian believes that by keep doing the best when people try to sneer him will strengthen him.


Lisda Y. Satria, S.Kom, MM

Business Development Director


Her career in PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. commenced in 2010 as Human Resources Manager. She promoted to be Corporate Secretary in 2012. After around one year, she is then placed to handle Human Resources as Corporate Human Resources and Commissioner of PT MCS Internasional, as well.

Prior to joining PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk, she joined PT Timor Putra Nasional in 1996 and one of private company in Jakarta in 1989.

She obtained Magister Management specialised in Human Resources Development from University of Indonesia.